Olea europea tsunati

The Athinolia variety is also called Matsolia or Mastoideis, Mourtolia and Tsounati. Consider a small-fruited to medium-fruited variety with large tree growth but moderate production. It requires good soil and cultivation care (fertilizer, weeding, etc.) and is quite resistant to cold. It produces fruit every two years, blooms after mid-May, ripens late in December-January and is the only variety that is also cultivated at high altitude, up to 1,000 m. Its trees reach 10 meters in height and have pointed leaves.Its trees reach 10 meters in height and have pointed leaves. The fruit is conical, slightly humped, black or black-purple in color when ripe with an oil content of 20-30%. Many consider it a mixed-use variety, but it produces a fine, thin-flowing, amber-colored oil. In areas with early frosts, the harvest takes place earlier, from mid-November, giving an excellent quality gourd oil that can be consumed from the following April.